Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project 365

I have decided to participate with a friend (kicking and screaming of course) and do the 365 'take a picture a day' project. I will post my photos here. I imagine I will post some good, probably a lot of ugly, and maybe even a great photo now and then. So please join me on my year long photographic journey as I explore my inner shutterbug. Please feel free to give me your comments- I prefer them to be positive but don't really mind criticism of the constructive nature as well.

Here are the rules I have to follow:
  1. A picture must be taken everyday.
  2. Pictures will be posted everyday or posted by midnight on Sunday.
  3. Holidays/Vacations: Pictures will be taken daily and posted one week within return date.

Consequences: If posts are not made by the end of week the defaulting party will buy the others lunch one day the following week. For everyday beyond that, the defaulting party will bring in coffee to make up for those days.